KIM Brodie


There is a gosh darn beautiful magic when I step onto my yoga mat and even more so when practicing in nature under enormous tree branches and the vast blue sky. I find myself connected and whole once again. Yoga has been with me since Sacramento City College, comforts me through the shitty lows and incredible highs of life, and accompanies me still through my fabulous entrepreneurial journey. Meditation has led me on a path of deeper awareness of which I am profoundly grateful. It is my sincere desire that Mountain Om Yoga connects our community, friends, and family through the practice of yoga, meditation, and all things nature, to ultimately heighten self-awareness through spiritual, mental, and physical growth. Welcome to the Empowerment Jungle, Baby!

ANIKO Meszaros


Aniko is a thirty year old Hungarian woman who moved to the United States in 2011. Her adventurous soul could not turn down the opportunity to explore the beautiful Californian scenery. She is a recent graduate of California State University of Sacramento, receiving her Bachelors of Art Degree in Photography.

Aniko has been a photographer for over 6 years now and finishing her education was a big milestone for her. Her recent endeavor has been opening her Boudoir Photography Studio in Sonora, CA where she is diving head-first into the Boudoir Photography World.

She enjoys hikes, meaningful conversation, meeting new people, sharing life stories, and dancing to salsa music. Her favorite dish is pineapple chicken and she loves to make crepes for her loved ones. Winter is not a season without Mulled Wine. Aniko is a self-expressed, “weirdo” for putting ketchup on her pizza slice and is perfectly happy doing so. She loves capturing genuine moments and getting to know her clients. As always, Aniko is there for you if you have any questions.


Yoga Teacher

Michelle Trabucco was born in the Central Valley and raised in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Having grown up with a number of role models in outdoor sportsmanship, it was only a matter of time before she developed a desire to be in the wilderness as often as possible.  Michelle is passionate about yoga for its ability to stretch and simultaneously rejuvenate the body and the mind.  She hopes to integrate her love for the great outdoors with her desire to strengthen her body and mind.  She wishes to share this passion with as many individuals as possible.  


Michelle is well rounded with 20 years of dance experience and 7 years of yoga practice. Her history as a substance abuse counselor has lead her to find a better way of helping others to help themselves.  The outdoors enhances the self sufficiency of individuals and allows them to bend without breaking. Michelle recently received her Wilderness First Responder Certificate. Bravo!!


JILL Warren

Musician, Breathwork Coach

I’ve been interested in health and nutrition for most of my life. Along with my love of learning about health and nutrition I was a traveling musician for many years. We all know that living a fast paced, on the road lifestyle can make it difficult to stay on top of our health and nutrition. I learned what it felt like to do really well for a while and then find myself stressed out and feeling low once again.


Still I was able to find balance and true health by incorporating breathing practices, good diet, nutrition and exercise into my life on a daily basis. I also went back to college when I was 40 years young and received a degree in Business. I feel good. Really good! And it’s become my passion to share with you what I have learned through years of study and practice and actually doing what it takes to feel amazing. I believe that anyone can do it if they put their mind, body and breath to it!


Process Coach, Wilderness Guide


Tracey loves guiding others to discover their deep connection to self and all of life. She is a certified Process Coach teacher/facilitator, licensed minister, gifted leader of ceremonies, Wilderness Guide (in nature and within ourselves), and mother.

She has explored the healing arts on a deep journey of self-discovery through studying Ayurvedic healing, QiGong, AcuPressure, homeopathy, herbalism and Process Coaching which has helped her acquire the tools to break lifelong patterns (finally!) clearing the way to manifest more of what she desires in her life.


STACI Curtis

Yoga Teacher

Through the search for something greater than “the norm”, greater and different than a cubicle with a 9-5 schedule, computer screens, florescent lights, and deadlines, Staci sought out, found and fell in love with the lifelong journey of Yoga. Her Yoga practice has brought her to a new place in life; a place of contentment, joy, open-heartedness, and compassion. Yoga offers a judgment-free atmosphere where she can continually find new edges to push past. Staci began the search for an intensive Yoga Teacher Training in 2012. It was not until the end of 2015 that she found Shaelah Morris, Yoga Studio Tahoe, and unbeknownst at that moment, the perfect Yoga Teacher Training program for her. Upon entering her first heated Bhakti Flow Yoga class at Yoga Studio Tahoe, Staci felt a heavy weight immediately lift from her chest. She could finally breathe again, her smile felt easy and natural, and life finally felt right. Staci completed Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hour teaching certification with Shaelah Morris at Yoga Studio Tahoe in May 2016. She desires to spread the love, compassion, and yogi way of life with the community around her, wherever the rugged path may take her. Staci incorporates her many years of dance teaching and choreography into her Vinyasa Flow; blending fun music and an upbeat atmosphere with a sweaty and heart-opening practice that can be applied to all areas of this journey on and off the mat. Her Yoga practice has strengthened her movement and passion in all aspects of life. It is her hope and desire to continue to evolve and to share this newfound awareness and enlightenment with the world.