KIM Brodie


My passion is to feed the body and soul through a nourishing and rejuvenating yoga practice. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for seven years. Yoga has been the catalyst for the growth of my emotional and spiritual strength. Simply put, yoga makes me  feel amazing, and I want to guide you on your journey to discover your best self, too.

TIM Gillespie

Adventure Photographer and Drone Pilot

 I am an avid coffee drinker, hiker, thrill seeker. When I see a mountain from below, the urge to take higher ground absorbs me. I transplanted from the desert to the Sierra Nevadas, thus my respect for atmospheric perspectives of the mountain range transfixed me and steered me towards a career in photography. After being a photography hobbyist for 9 years,  at last I decided to co-found a professional media agency to keep the creative dream alive in a viable business setting. I specifically work for local businesses and entrepreneurs making valuable content, capturing candid moments, and making love for the mountains contagious.


Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, I see the beauty in creating lasting visual impressions. Learning new things, creating new ideas, and growing companies are my goals in my career. When I am not designing, you can find me hiking a mountain and staying grounded with yoga. 



Yoga Instructor

Bio coming soon


Yoga Teacher

Michelle Trabucco was born in the Central Valley and raised in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas.  Having grown up with a number of role models in outdoor sportmanship, it was only a matter of time before she developed a desire to be in the wilderness as often as possible.  Michelle is passionate about yoga for its ability to stretch and simultaneously rejuvenate the body and the mind.  She hopes to integrate her love for the great outdoors with her desire to strengthen her body and mind.  She wishes to share this passion with as many individuals as possible.  She has 20 years of dance experience and 7 years of yoga practice. Her history as a substance abuse counselor has lead her to find a better way of helping others to help themselves.  The outdoors enhances the self sufficiency of individuals and allows them to bend without breaking. Michelle recently received her Wilderness First Responder Certificate. Bravo!!


Marriage and Family Therapist

Tiffany Nath is a Marriage and Family therapist who inspires individuals to live a bold life! She believes that fun and play should be a part of your daily life.  In her practice, Tiffany cultivates an open and collaborative relationship with her clients that allow them to find and embrace the aspects of themselves that are only unique to them and to not have to fit into anyone’s box. She uses her own life experience and absolute love and passion for psychology to always provide her clients with the most relevant and up to date information. When Tiffany is not working at what she believes to be the coolest job ever, she enjoys going to Comic Con, roller derby and riding around in classic cars. Tiffany received her Master’s Degree in Psychology with and emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy degree at University of San Francisco. Tiffany also teaches at California State University Stanislaus in the Psychology Department as an adjunct faculty member.


Tracey loves guiding others to discover their deep connection to self and all of life. She is a certified Process Coach teacher/facilitator, licensed minister, gifted leader of ceremonies, Wilderness Guide (in nature and within ourselves), and mother.

    She has explored the healing arts on a deep journey of self-discovery through studying Ayurvedic healing, QiGong, AcuPressure, homeopathy, herbalism and Process Coaching which has helped her acquire the tools to break lifelong patterns (finally!) clearing the way to manifest more of what she desires in her life.

STACI Curtis

Yoga Teacher

Through the search for something greater than “the norm”, greater and different than a cubicle with a 9-5 schedule, computer screens, florescent lights, and deadlines, Staci sought out, found and fell in love with the lifelong journey of Yoga. Her Yoga practice has brought her to a new place in life; a place of contentment, joy, open-heartedness, and compassion. Yoga offers a judgment-free atmosphere where she can continually find new edges to push past. Staci began the search for an intensive Yoga Teacher Training in 2012. It was not until the end of 2015 that she found Shaelah Morris, Yoga Studio Tahoe, and unbeknownst at that moment, the perfect Yoga Teacher Training program for her. Upon entering her first heated Bhakti Flow Yoga class at Yoga Studio Tahoe, Staci felt a heavy weight immediately lift from her chest. She could finally breathe again, her smile felt easy and natural, and life finally felt right. Staci completed Yoga Alliance RYT 200 hour teaching certification with Shaelah Morris at Yoga Studio Tahoe in May 2016. She desires to spread the love, compassion, and yogi way of life with the community around her, wherever the rugged path may take her. Staci incorporates her many years of dance teaching and choreography into her Vinyasa Flow; blending fun music and an upbeat atmosphere with a sweaty and heart-opening practice that can be applied to all areas of this journey on and off the mat. Her Yoga practice has strengthened her movement and passion in all aspects of life. It is her hope and desire to continue to evolve and to share this newfound awareness and enlightenment with the world.