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Please read the following information about what is included in each Membership Plan:

  1. A community of like-minded women who love nature and want to be inspired and empowered emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

  2. Upon signing up, we'll have a conversation about what empowering and inspiring topics you'd like to know more about.

  3. I'll find presenters who are experts in their field who will present on your or similar topics as our schedules allow.

  4. We'll discuss your commitment to attending live sessions. We'll discuss your schedule and  dates/times when you can come to the live sessions. Your attendance and interaction is greatly appreciated for the group energy and collection of ideas discussed with the presenter. In case you can't make it, all sessions will be recorded and available to members.

  5. Between 3-4 presenters will present every month (One may be a "field trip", on location, with option to attend in person). All sessions will be recorded and available to members.

  6. Consistent weekly reminders will be sent to you via your choice of text or email.

  7. Monthly feedback questions will be emailed to you because I value your constructive criticism and/or general feedback

  8. Changes made to the membership will be communicated to you. Feedback is always welcomed and encouraged.

  9. When your 3 or 6 month memberships are over, your monthly rate that you started with will be reinstated. 

  10. You will be locked-in at that rate as long as you are a continuous Mountainista Member in good standing.