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Saturday Yoga at

CrossFit Sonora

Bring the family or yourself for a one hour yoga class. This gentle yoga class is for beginners and offers yoga props for all ability levels. We also love our athletes who need a little more flexibility too.

Bring your mat and water. Essential oils are sometimes used in class for an additional cost. You are welcome to bring your own.

Cost is $10 drop-in or $80 for 10 punches. 

Saturday Yoga is at 10:30-11:30a. CrossFit Sonora is located at 18901 Microtronics Way Sonora

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Yoga Parties &

Personal Yoga Sessions

We offer yoga parties for your family and close friends. Special occasions need recognition and we want to be there for your cancer survivor celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, engagement or bridal parties, or just because. We also specialize in one-on-one personal sessions with a certified teacher. 


Yoga types include:

A. Hatha Yoga

This is a basic yoga class of stretching and slow moving postures, holding each for a few breaths.

Ideal for: Beginners, athletes wanting to slow down and connect with his/her body.

B. Restorative Yoga

This style of yoga is similar to giving yourself a massage. It feel so amazing good because you get to essentially relax for the entire session. The mellow movements of Restorative Yoga along with longer hold times in postures, allows your body to deeply relax the muscles of the body that are in constant contraction during your everyday activities. We bring the props including blocks, straps, blankets, essential oils, and eye pillows.

Ideal for: Anyone who needs "Me" time or who is prone to anxiety, or insomnia.

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Explore outdoor adventure yoga in the natural elements of the foothills and the Sierra Nevada Mountains. When you join Mountain Om Yoga, expect to feel  the earth beneath your yoga mat, expect the mountains staring back at you to fill you with vigor, and expect a wave of calm to pass over you when you feel the sun on your skin during sivasana. Mountain Om Yoga strips away the familiar thoughts and surroundings that anchor your life, allowing you to experience a profound new sense of awareness and accomplishment.