Let me create the ultimate custom wellness retreat for you and your friends so you don't have to.


I'm Kim

What you need is YOU time. How do I know? Im a mom and business owner and when I need a break, I take one. This allows me to come back to my family and heart-led business feeling 100% ready to give to my loved ones from a place of empowerment and strength. You and I can create this unique self-love gift to yourself and your friends and clients. When you work with me, your friends and clients will value their transformational experience. And you dont have to manage any of the process.

We're the best at what we do and we do a lot. Our hearts know when it's time to slow down and fill our soul's cup again. It's hard to break away, slow down, and re-align. Let me help you create the time and space needed to make self-care a priority. You dont have to plan or manage your retreat. That's why you have me.

I've been creating retreats for over 3 years and am passionate about women giving themselves permission to check out of the daily grind in exchange for time in nature, with other women, and most importantly, themselves.

Your custom retreat is made possible by the many local women I collaborate with who are dedicated to the wellness work they've been called to do. Whether you decide to hike, rock climb, or have a spa day with friends, I will create an itinerary that aligns with your goal for a custom retreat.

Get results like these

Mountain Om Yoga’s weekend retreat at Kennedy Meadows was a unique experience, filled with self-care & love activities that brought the peace and tranquility I was looking for. Throughout the weekend, they hosted spiritual/learning activities, several yoga practices among the trees, and a hike up to a picturesque lake. There was also plenty of time for rest & relaxation where we explored the surrounding forest and the river that runs through the forest. Overall a beautiful location and experience that I am excited to return to every year.

Jamie, Science Teacher

My experience expressed as a poem...

My mind, heart and body was yearning for the outdoors.

I knew I would be sharing this experience with friends and an outpour of camaraderie.

I stilled my mind by listening to the flowing river.

My thoughts and feelings turned into a canvas of art.

The crisp morning air enveloped my senses and prepared me for the day.

Morning yoga with the flowing river as a backdrop was refreshing and renewed my soul.

The ambiance was magical.

As i concentrated on each pose, my senses and balance were in alignment with nature.

The morning hike was my great testament that  “I just wanna kick it in the woods with my Birches”...

System Value Analysis Manager

I have been to several of Mountain Om events. I always enjoy
every aspect of what their purpose and mission is for providing for the
community. A group of friends from the valley and myself had attended a Kennedy
Meadows retreat a couple summers ago. We all had such a wonderful, relaxing and
enlightening experience. The event was well planned with activities that
centered around mindfulness, peace, joy and serenity. I am hoping to attend
another one in the future. Kim and her team are a very caring group who like to
make sure of the best for their attendees. 


Keep up the amazing work and wonderful events!

Paula, Surgical Technician


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